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Search yourself It is a good idea on social networking sites

Search yourself It is a good idea to search your name on Google and check out your profile as others see it on social networking sites. Understand where you show up and what information is available about you, and then adjust your profile, settings and habits appropriately. Don’t worry, it’s not vain if you only search your own name once a month or so. If you unexpectedly see your name in locations you don’t frequent, it could give you a heads upbuy twitter followers someone else is using your identity online. Set up a Google alert with your name, which emails you when Google finds your name on sites. While some names, like John Smith, are so common they would generate lots of false positives, you may still find out a lot about where your information is appearing online. Even if you find there are others online with the same name, it can help you avoid confusion, (or maybe it’s an opportunity to reach out and connect to someone with the same

Business With Social Media

Define your brands voice

Your start-up will become an extension of your professional brand, which defines who you are. Unless your brand is you (e.g. athlete, consultant etc.), I recommend setting up separate social media channels for yourself and your company. That way, as you get involved in other projects, you can keep the conversation relevant. And, multiple co-founders can share the same company account while leveraging their respective networks. Write down three traits that buy usa twitter followers define you; for instance, friendly, positive, and persistent. These characteristics will form your uniqueness, and while you need to remain human and real, make a conscious effort to remember who you are and how you come across. Being consistent also means keeping these traits alive when you meet someone, in person.

Don’t spread your channels too thin

You may feel overwhelmed by the growing number of social networks – which one(s) should you be on? Should you be on all of them? Definitely not. It’s best to have one or two primary channels you can manage and grow, than many you cannot keep up with. Assuming you already have a LinkedIn account (if not, this is your first step!) then make sure it is up to date and reflects your latest projects. Every social network has a slightly different use. While LinkedIn may be good to build credibility buy twitter followers uk and generate leads, Twitter is great for conversations. In other words, you need to think about what social network makes sense for your purpose. To make it easier for people to recognize you, use the same (recent) photo as your avatar across your social networks. 


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