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Buying Twitter Followers

I wouldn’t do it if I were you. While many people have noted that Twitter won’t exactly ban you for doing so (unless perhaps you generate enough media attention), it’s still not a good idea if you care about growing an audience. Sounds counter intuitive right? You might tell me, “Buying followers sounds like an amazing way to grow an audience! Look at the numbers!” Well… Here’s where I ask, do they listen or care about you? Do they engage with you and share your content? No? Ok, well then they aren’t your followers. People are very quick to look at a person’s “followers” count on Twitter and use it a trust metric. “If this person has hundreds of thousands of followers then they must know what they are talking about!” – Unfortunately that’s not true and many people are catching on to that fact. It’s becoming widely buy twitter followersknown (and unfortunately accepted) that people buy followers. I’m telling you today that I don’t. Not that it wasn’t tempting and not that I didn’t seriously consider it. Why? Simple. I want authentic users. I want engaged users. I want real people following me. Here’s another reason why you may not wish to simply buy followers. The folks over at Twitter recently released their analytics dashboard (along with their Ads) and it provides some insights about your followers. It tells you your follower’s interests, gender, location, and so on.

Can you buy followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook ...

Contrary to popular belief, buying Twitter followers does not mean that your account will be spammed with useless material. The best Twitter companies know how to get you organic followers that come with their own built-in social networks. You can then engage these first followers in order to become familiar with their friends. You then have an inroads to many social circles that you otherwise would have to hard sell. A little explanation of how a “tweet” and “followers” work, When you have a Twitter account, say for a business, You will want followers. If you are in India, buy 1000 twitter followers then you will definitely need to Buy Indian twitter followers. When you “Tweet” your information and photos about your product, your “followers” will then see what you are advertising, they may comment, or simply retweet, thus generating attention to your product and your website all more the reason to buy Twitter followers and give your account a boost. 


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