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Social Media Marketing In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with customers and prospective clients. If used correctly, you can literally turn platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into a gold mine. One of the most powerful elements of social media marketing is its viral nature. People love to “share” and “like” interesting articles and pictures, which can spread like wildfire across the Internet. If your business is at the forefront of this promotion, it could be exposed to people that you would have never been able to reach otherwise. Curation is the process of sourcing high-quality content buy twitter followers tajikistan to publish on your website, blog or social networks, while giving credit to the real author. Although you don’t create the content yourself, you locate it in order to provide your readers with quality information and establish your business as an authoritative resource. By following these steps you’ll be able to incorporate curation into your content marketing strategy with less than 20 minutes of work per day.

Social Media Marketing

Blogging and Content Marketing

Nowadays, a website just isn’t complete without a blog. Blogs provide a place for a business to demonstrate their expertise, offer valuable information to their audience in order to gain their trust and loyalty, post fresh, keyword-rich content to satisfy the search engines, and create engaging content to be shared via social media and email newsletters. In order to be effective, however, a blog must be replete with relevant, interesting, informative buy twitter followers canada topics and written in a relatable voice that will attract readers and hold their interest enough to make them want to return to read the next post. It must also be maintained on a regular basis – if prospective patients notice that posts are few and far between, or that the last post was published months ago, they’ll wonder what the problem is.

Construct a detailed strategy.

Formulating a Twitter strategy can seem intimidating because it’s recommended to tweet 20-30x/day, and that’s a lot of tweets! Twitter is a constant drip feed of content and it’s important that we are seen by as many people as possible. But that doesn’t mean throwing whatever content we can find into a schedule. If you want to lay out a successful Twitter strategy then you’ve got to nail down exactly what you’ll be sharing. First, do you know what your goal is with Twitter? Do you want to increase best place to buy twitter followers traffic to your website? Offer online customer service? Grow your brand? Whatever your goal is, it’s important to get specific because it impacts the strategy you will create. For this exercise, we’ll focus on increasing traffic to the website. This is a common goal with Twitter because it can result in increased brand awareness, viral blog sharing, relationship development, and increased sales. But how to we get there? 


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