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Create Useful Content around Those Interests

Once you know what kind of content your audience enjoys or is searching for, take that information and create something useful. Achieve this by developing content that educates, interests or entertains the audience. Though educational content is often very successful, sometimes people want to consume content about something that interests them but won’t necessarily teach them something new. This is where entertaining content can be extremely beneficial. Everyone loves to laugh or smile every once in a while. If you can make someone laugh (or cry), you’re tapping into your audience’s genuine twitter buy followers emotions. This type of content is heavily shared throughout social media, and has a great chance of going viral. Humor is one of the easiest, most instinctive ways to trigger emotion, so creating humorous content is a way to garner a reaction from your audience. If you don’t think your industry can be funny, think again. For example, shaving isn’t an inherently funny activity, but Dollar Shave Club made it funny by producing hilarious videos and imagery that spoke to their audience in a way their competitors were not.

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Create a Social Media Marketing Schedule

When I was in business school, I had a professor who repeated the phrase, “Plan your work and work your plan” so often that our entire class began parroting it back to him (sometimes in other languages, so it sounded like a polyglot echo). The older I’ve gotten, the more I realized just how right he was. Repeat after me: the people who get fired for what they say on Twitter or Facebook didn’t plan to get into trouble. The companies that wind up as the punch line of a late-night TV monologue didn’t plan on doing something stupid online. In fact, chances are, they didn’t have much of a plan at all. It’s all too easy to mistake the casual, conversational tone of social media as a kind of free-form buy 500 twitter followers conversation between friends. But it’s not. Not if you have a brand and a company image to protect – and certainly not if you work in a regulated industry. (Some of the most regulated industries in the world might not seem that way at first glance. Did you know that the person most likely to be fired, demoted, or disciplined at work over something said online is a public school teacher, followed by a civil servant? Most of us who work in insurance, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, casino gaming or some other heavily regulated industry at least know that we work in a regulated industry.)

Don’t Forget Traditional Media Support

Social media is a new communications channel that you can use to promote your business. But it isn’t a replacement for traditional marketing communications channels. You can’t slash the advertising budget, stop sending out press releases, and cut out your print collateral budget in hopes that social media will take up all the slack. Multi-channel marketing is more effective when all the parts and pieces work together to deliver a cohesive,buy real twitter followers cheap clear message. A whopping 57% of today’s skeptical consumers need to hear the same corporate marketing message more than five times before they believe it, according to the annual trust survey. Yes, repeating links to your content through social media helps – but it can’t replace having a consistent message that’s delivered across multiple channels. 


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